What's a Ginny?


Ginny has been referred to as Gin, Aunt Gin, Gin-Tin-Tin, Ginny-Gin-Gin, Ginnerrific, Ginny May, Ginnifred, Gin Bug, and Ginnicus.  But please don't call her "Guinea Pig."

Before Harry Potter, people struggled saying her name.  (Jenny?  Jeanie?  Gee-yunny?)  Now she says, "Ginny, like Ginny Weasley." Thank you J.K. Rowling!

Ginny grew up where there are mountains to climb, lots of cows, one grocery store, no traffic lights, and clear stars at night.  Aka:  The Shire / Morgan, Utah.

Ginny has been drawing since she learned to hold a pencil.

In elementary school Ginny's favorite things to draw were ninja turtles, dogs, and Simba (see an original Simba here).

Ginny has always wanted to take karate.

Ginny's favorite foods are dark chocolate, popcorn, cinnamon rolls, and any perfectly ripe fruit.  Mmmm...

Ginny attended three universities (Utah State Univ., Weber State Univ., and Utah Valley Univ. where she graduated in Illustration.  At Weber State, Ginny accidentally shot herself in the hand with a nail gun in her sculpture class.  Ouchies.

A favorite time of life happened in Sacramento California where Ginny volunteered for 18 months as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

When Ginny was a missionary, she and her companion ran over a skunk and the fumes flooded into the car, contaminating everything inside.  She put lotion in her hands and covered her nose to keep from gagging all the way home.

Ginny loves eating regular Cheerios for breakfast with drizzled honey on top.

Ginny can play the piano, sing, dance, write stories, and make art.  If she had to choose just one, she'd pick singing.  If she had to choose between popcorn or singing, she'd pick singing.  If she had to pick between her right pinky finger and singing, she'd pick singing.

Sometimes at night Ginny dreams that she can fly, Peter Pan style.

Ginny likes to play catch, and sports like frisbee and basketball.  Also, swinging on swings (especially tree swings) is forever a cherished activity.

Read her letter to her: "Dear 10 Year Old Ginny"

Art Process

Ginny now loves digital art using a Wacom tablet and Photoshop!

Ginny dips into several mediums and has yet to claim a favorite.  She uses acrylic and watercolor the most currently.  Gouache is still new to her but so far she loves it too (gouache is sorta like watercolor but not see-through).  Above all, however, nothing can replace the feel or look of pure pencil on paper.


  1. The format of your self portrait is neat. Different. Well done.

    1. Thanks Chris :) Can't take credit though. I stole idea from Ann Dee Ellis's blog.... but the details are mine! So thanks!!

  2. LOVE this! I can't swing anymore. Saddest thing ever, I must be old because it makes me nauseated. Bluh. I love how funny you are, and I love that you love singing more than your pinky.

    1. I'm so sad you can't swing! I love you Michelle I'm so happy you're in my life! You make it all that much better.


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