Thursday, April 25, 2013

Questions For Me?


I wanted to ask my lovely readers and viewers if there are any particular questions you'd like me to answer or blog about.  Anything at all.  If you'd rather not ask publicly, feel free to email me at otherwise please post your questions as comments and I'll see what I can do!



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Touch ups: Ker SPLATT!!


Been working on the touch ups.  I have til April 22nd for my grade to complete them!

This was the worst of all the paintings.  The old one is on the left, the new one on the right.  I just did this yesterday.

Problems were:

Hippo's head was much too big
Background was way too dark
Everything felt way over-saturated
The watermelon on the bottom right wasn't necessary and caused confusion
The two "squirts" were getting lost with dark background and they were way too big as well
Everything felt crammed together, needed more space
highlights on hippo's brow were too much
Watermelon under hippo's left armpit (our left) was causing tangents (lines intersecting awkwardly)

Taking away all the above 
Lightening the background and making it green
Putting yellow behind Hippo at the focal point to draw attention (yellow and purple are complimentary colors)
Lightened background helps all other images pop out such as the splash and watermelons, bird, etc

Etc!   :)