Friday, December 28, 2012

"Kitty Wants" App is Published in iTunes!!

Hi!!!!!  I'm really excited and happy and humbled and a little bit tickled to announce....

.......As of Dec 20th my little story app "Kitty Wants" (created in my Children's Book Illustration class this past semester) is published in the App Store on iTunes for iPad/iPhone!  Yup, and it's only $0.99.  Here's the link:

Remember to click on everything!  Don't worry, your kids will get it.  They'll know how to find all the cool stuff.

To those who purchase my proud little app, I ask you to please submit a customer review!  And feel free to be honest, I can take it.  ;)  I do hope you and your kiddos enjoy!!  

About "Kitty Wants"
This story is written for the shy ones who, for whatever reason, sit in the background, afraid to assert themselves by asking for what they want.  This story opens an opportunity for parents to discuss and teach their children how they can learn from Kitty that they too are allowed to use the simple tool of asking, that they have value equal to others, and their wants/needs matter.  Read my original introduction (about "getting our needs met") to why I wrote this story here.

Thank you ALL who helped, especially my small writing critique group I met this summer at WIFYR who critiqued my story in October while I was making it, my Children's Book Illustration class who cheered and giggled every time I showed them the latest progress on the animations etc, and especially especially Will Terry because without his assignment to create an app in his class, it wouldn't be created!

P.S.  Don't laugh TOO hard at my awkward narrating and weird silly sounds I make..... hehe.....

*     *     *

FAQ: What is the difference between an APP and an EBOOK?

An ebook is usually text heavy and image light, made only for reading on your device like a normal book.

An app usually has multimedia elements, interactivity, and sounds.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Digital: Good news, sad news

Good news:
This isn't finished, but I wanted to show you what I've got so far digitally!  You like?  Here's the thing... I love looking through a sketchbook and at drawings far more than looking at paintings.  And I love drawing way more than painting.  So... wondering if I can preserve the drawing/sketching/penciling/lining part of the work and also bring in bright vibrant color at the same time.  Like I said this isn't finished... but this is certainly exciting, fun, semi-addicting... which WHO KNEW..., and I'm far happier with the results and process, and guess what... I've been dreaming about painting digitally at night.  I'm all excited.  I had no idea I'd enjoy it this much.  My tablet still hasn't even come in the mail yet but I used the school tablets to make this.

Sad news:
Sad news is... I talked to my respectable advisor yesterday, and looks like switching to digital like this is most likely not an option.  I might have cried a little in his office.  Poor guy probably gets that a lot because I discovered an appreciated box of tissues at arm's length.  I'm very bummed.  But, I must do what I must do.  At least I know something I didn't know before, that I can take with me to use in future work.  So I guess it still kinda ends with good news again.  But yeah... bummer.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 Sketch!!!

Decided I need... no no no WANT... to start drawing for fun again!

Here's my sketch for today.
(even though I really drew him a couple days ago... shhh)

Hm... what should his name be...

(Ball point pen)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Want to Preview "Kitty Wants?!"

Who wants to preview my entire ALMOST FINISHED Digital App (interactive ebook) "Kitty Wants"? Click on this link! I have to finish and submit it today (gotta hurry) so I'll be working on it til it's finished! Fyi, pretend you're 5 and click on everything!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Re-Evaluating this Children's Book thing...

Alrighty.  Time to be honest.

I promised you the whole trip, trial and error, everything going into this children's book "You Should! You Should!"  Challenges, fears, successes, process, mistakes, paintings, drawings, the whole shebang.  So today I'm going to share with you what's REALLY going on, instead of surprising you with sudden huge news, or telling you more fluffy "yay another painting" junk.

Okay.  So here's the thing.  How do I say this...

First, a confession:

I'm not passionate about painting.  I'm not passionate about art.  I like it and I'm good at it, but it's NOT my favorite thing.  That's another story though.  So here I am in this situation.  Get this....

I have THREE months to finish 24, yes, TWENTY-FOUR acrylic paintings on canvas.  Don said most illustrators have 9 months to a year.  Let's see... I signed the contract June 29th 2012, I've had 5 months already, and only have three UNfinished paintings to show for it.  Sure, designing the stage/characters/style takes a large amount of time, but I really could be much farther along by now.  I really could.  Alas, this is all I have:

Still haven't changed blue to purple
I have major changes to make on sunset
Just started this, I'm not even half way


I don't love to paint.  Honestly?  I'm tired of painting.  Honestly?  I constantly look for excuses to avoid painting.  Wow did I just say that out loud?  No Ginny, you typed it.  But you've said it out loud to your friends lots of times times.  However... I am passionate about the story I wrote, the message behind it, and I'm passionate about sharing that message with parents and children and families and any single adult like me who comes across it.  I'm passionate about my purpose and feel like I have not just a good idea, but an important idea.  I want to write and illustrate fun playful "therapy" books that teach difficult skills and concepts to children in a fun easy way.

If I continue at this pace, however, I won't finish by March.  NOT finishing, is NOT an option.  But!  Something needs to change if I'm going make it.  Either externally or internally.  I've been fighting the internal struggle all these months and I'm still dragging my feet.  So... time to consider what EXternal changes I can make.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Painting in acrylic is so very time consuming.  I don't look forward to the the hours and hours I'm going to spend sitting at a canvas alone isolated in my bedroom, mixing and fussing with paint.  But... Monday, Will Terry did a digital painting demo for us in class.  He got twice as much the work done in half the time.  It looked incredible.  Also, talk about easy set up and easy clean up!  Plus the portability!  Not to mention all the great photoshop tricks with layers and filters and brushes and opacity.  And the UNDO BUTTON!  I vowed never to go digital... I myself don't enjoy looking at digital art the same as real paint on real surfaces.  I really feel like digital painting is fake painting.  I don't think it should be called "painting."  There's no "paint" involved in digital painting.  But... it is SO much faster and easier.  I decided I wouldn't switch to digital until it was absolutely necessary.  

~~~For those who don't know what digital painting means, check out my only ever full digital painting (Little Miss Muffet) where I show the process here.~~~

So... (grin)... what if I put the two TOGETHER??  What if I start a painting out traditionally, scan it, and finish it digitally???  What if.  What if!

I'm only 3 unfinished paintings into this process.  If I were to change everything, now would be the time.  So...

What I ask of you:  

Please be patient with me as I spend the next week building a new process.  I need to get a tablet, do a practice painting, finish it digitally, and seriously evaluate.  Also, please don't be mad I'm not the passionate artist I proclaimed to be.  I have to admit, it feels great to be honest.  But I do still find value here, and will continue to work hard until I find my niche!!  Don't give up on me yet.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for supporting.  Thanks for being there.  I'll be honest... this whole experience has been a challenge.  I'm really, really excited to cross the finish line, look back and say, "I did it."