Monday, September 17, 2012

Dear 10 Year Old Ginny...

Dear 10 year old Ginny,

When you become obsessed with Simba, you'll trace him so many times that you learn to draw him without looking at anything.  Keep a copy and put it somewhere safe!  Otherwise you'll have to wait til you're my age to see one again.  (thanks to Sara who happened to still have the one I drew for her, and recently emailed me this image)

When you slap rubber cement all over that annoying boy's chair during recess, and he sits on his $200 coat instead of his butt, you're gonna get in big trouble and it won't seem funny like you anticipated.  But know that it actually is funny!

When you wonder if you'll ever make it through a Christmas vacation without the stomach flu, puking alone in the early morning glow of your Christmas tree, know that it only happens maybe one more year, then never again.

When you spend hours singing singing singing to The Lion King soundtrack at the top of your lungs while home alone, and you wonder if your voice will ever sound better... know that it WILL.  In fact, thank you for practicing!

When Dad asks if you can read the signs on the road, lie to him and say yes.  Otherwise you're gonna end up in glasses clear til 9th grade when you get contacts.  Actually, don't lie.  Lying is bad.  Well, good luck Four-Eyes.

When you go to Grandmas' and Grandpas' houses, don't be afraid to sit on their laps and snuggle like there's no tomorrow.  They would have loved it.  And so would you.

Keep lovin' those Snickers candy bars.  We still love them!

When you obsess over wanting a dog, pick a dozen names, change your mind every month about the breed, and draw pictures of dogs every day, guess what?  You will get a dog!  :)  But not til high school.  His name was Toby.

When you can't sleep because of the aliens that live in the basement chimney, know they never existed.  But we're still kinda scared of the chimney.

When you get sent to the little kids table to eat dinner with the nieces and nephews, and you really wanted to sit with your family, it's okay to cry about it.  But don't resent them.

When you feel like you can't help crying about every little thing, please remember this:  Never stop crying.  Otherwise you'll spend years praying to remember how.

Remember when we had a slumber party in the living room, just Mom and us, and we watched "Dr. DoLittle" in sleeping bags?  Me too.  :)

You're gonna have to give your first talk at church this year when your brother goes on his mission.  Don't be scared because it doesn't matter what you say.  The only thing people will remember is the huge white sling on your arm, and the sound ("clunk!") your cast made when you set it on the pulpit.

By the way, be careful when you go rollerblading.  ;)

When your brother leaves, you'll be the last kid at home, all by yourself.  It's rough, but you find ways to cope.  Here are some tips to get you started.  Sharpen your pencils and draw!  Start playing basketball in your driveway!  Sing lots!  Start piano lessons this year!  It'll be okay.

When you tell people that you want to be an artist when you grow up... know that your dream comes true.  :)


  1. Ginny I love this post so much!!! It's so full of kid magic and playfulness. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Amanda! That's a really great compliment!! I'm honored you took the time to read. :)

  2. This was really sweet, thank you for sharing

    1. My pleasure :) Thanks for reading Stewart Mortimer.

  3. I remember Toby! We brought him to you from California. : ) You are not only a good artist but you have a great talent for writing. It's awesome that you're making a children's book and you are a very talented, fun, and wonderful person. I love you!

    1. Mandy! If not for you, I never ever ever would have had a dog. Toby was the PERFECT fit for me. I loved him so much and miss him bunches!! Aww. Thanks Mandy, that means a lot and I love you too.

  4. My favorite part: "Know that your dreams come true."

    1. Thanks. :) Yeah. Although I don't know that 10 year old me and current me share the same dreams now... but still. Pretty cool.

  5. Replies
    1. Aw MIchelle. lol You would, you tender gal. :) I love you.


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