Friday, September 28, 2012

YouShouldYouShould: DummyBook Re-Works (part 2)

Here are some more reworks, redesigns, redo's, and new a little more flushed out sketches.  While I'm drawing a character over and over, I mostly just need the outline/sketch to know where to take it from there.  I'll worry about the DETAILED drawings when I start the paintings!  I have to admit, I had much fun doing these ones.

To see the first draft of the dummy book, to see what kind of changes were made, you can look here.

You Should You Should's thought of the day:

"Today you are You, that is truer than true!  There is no one alive who is youer than YOU!" 
- Dr. Seuss

You Should You Should will be published by "Familius" next fall in print.

New comers:  I'll be documenting the entire illustrating process here, and I invite you to join me on the journey by submitting your email at the top to get regular updates in paintings and sketches through the finish!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Folio Academy

Did you know the top phrases typed in on youtube relate to this question: "how to draw?"

That's why I'm sharing these new online art courses, from the new "Folio Academy," who just got their website up!  Click here:  to check them out and watch sample videos.  Each course is taught on video by successful, professional artists.  You can learn everything from the basics (drawing/painting/watercolor/ceramics/sculpture/etc) to refining your detailed advanced work of art.  Folio Academy make it easy to understand and you can watch them as they create the entire way.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little Miss Muffet

So I'm taking "Children's Book Illustration" again this semester.  I wanted to show off my first finished painting for this class!  Our first assignment was to illustrate any scene from "Little Miss Muffet."

And now...... here is my very first DIGITAL painting  (drum roll... badabadabadabadabadabda.....)

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet
eating her curds and weigh
Along came a spider
who sat down beside her
and frightened Miss Muffet away

Little Miss Muffet didn't know that her tuffet
was a hairy monster at bay
quite mad at the spider
that sat down beside her
and frightened his dinner away

By: Ginny Tilby :)

(scroll down to see how I did it)

I haven't taken a "digital painting" class so I planned to teach myself.  Some of you don't know what digital painting means.  It's like this:
(this is what I used used)

This is called a "Wacom Tablet."  It works like a mouse.  When you touch the tablet with the pen, it's the same as clicking a mouse.  You can draw and paint MUCH more smoothly and realistically in photoshop this way.

(we don't have these at UVU yet)

And nowadays people can draw straight on their monitor!  This is called a "Cintiq."

Some examples of digital paintings by professional illustrators are these:

Will Terry
Don Seegmiller
Justin Gerard

Here's how I did it.

First, I drew this picture:

Then I scanned it and saved it as a jpeg image.  I checked out my first wacom tablet at the lab, I opened this image in photoshop, and then went to class and said, "Uh... I don't know what I'm doing."  Then Lee said, "Hey Adam, can you come help Ginny?" 

My classmate Adam Munoa gave me a 10 minute digital painting lesson at the end of class Monday, before I started painting.  He said first paint it in black and white, getting all the values correct (meaning my lights and darks).  Then add a color layer ontop of the b/w layer, set it on "multiply," and use color as a glaze.  He said basically do it the same as if I were doing a b/w oil painting and then glazing color on top.  Okay.  Check!

So then I painted this black and white image all on a single layer:  

I have to say, the undo button is way easier than repainting or erasing.  Last, I glazed the color on top and voila!

NOW... If you want to see a digital painting come to life before your eyes in 2.5 minutes, check out one of my fav videos by Will Terry:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dear 10 Year Old Ginny...

Dear 10 year old Ginny,

When you become obsessed with Simba, you'll trace him so many times that you learn to draw him without looking at anything.  Keep a copy and put it somewhere safe!  Otherwise you'll have to wait til you're my age to see one again.  (thanks to Sara who happened to still have the one I drew for her, and recently emailed me this image)

When you slap rubber cement all over that annoying boy's chair during recess, and he sits on his $200 coat instead of his butt, you're gonna get in big trouble and it won't seem funny like you anticipated.  But know that it actually is funny!

When you wonder if you'll ever make it through a Christmas vacation without the stomach flu, puking alone in the early morning glow of your Christmas tree, know that it only happens maybe one more year, then never again.

When you spend hours singing singing singing to The Lion King soundtrack at the top of your lungs while home alone, and you wonder if your voice will ever sound better... know that it WILL.  In fact, thank you for practicing!

When Dad asks if you can read the signs on the road, lie to him and say yes.  Otherwise you're gonna end up in glasses clear til 9th grade when you get contacts.  Actually, don't lie.  Lying is bad.  Well, good luck Four-Eyes.

When you go to Grandmas' and Grandpas' houses, don't be afraid to sit on their laps and snuggle like there's no tomorrow.  They would have loved it.  And so would you.

Keep lovin' those Snickers candy bars.  We still love them!

When you obsess over wanting a dog, pick a dozen names, change your mind every month about the breed, and draw pictures of dogs every day, guess what?  You will get a dog!  :)  But not til high school.  His name was Toby.

When you can't sleep because of the aliens that live in the basement chimney, know they never existed.  But we're still kinda scared of the chimney.

When you get sent to the little kids table to eat dinner with the nieces and nephews, and you really wanted to sit with your family, it's okay to cry about it.  But don't resent them.

When you feel like you can't help crying about every little thing, please remember this:  Never stop crying.  Otherwise you'll spend years praying to remember how.

Remember when we had a slumber party in the living room, just Mom and us, and we watched "Dr. DoLittle" in sleeping bags?  Me too.  :)

You're gonna have to give your first talk at church this year when your brother goes on his mission.  Don't be scared because it doesn't matter what you say.  The only thing people will remember is the huge white sling on your arm, and the sound ("clunk!") your cast made when you set it on the pulpit.

By the way, be careful when you go rollerblading.  ;)

When your brother leaves, you'll be the last kid at home, all by yourself.  It's rough, but you find ways to cope.  Here are some tips to get you started.  Sharpen your pencils and draw!  Start playing basketball in your driveway!  Sing lots!  Start piano lessons this year!  It'll be okay.

When you tell people that you want to be an artist when you grow up... know that your dream comes true.  :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

YouShouldYouShould: Dummy Book Re-Works (part 1)

Dummy Book in the in reworks, fix-ups, and redo's process!

(see first original Dummy Book here)

After much thought and great feedback from all of you, I'm redoing a ton of it!  Here's what I have redrawn/replanned/redesigned so far:

I added hippo to the flamingo spot illustration, so we can see them interact as Flamingo tells him how to walk.

Here we see Hippo actually present and watching Bird tell him to peck peck peck his beak.

We see Hippo's eyes curiously looking at Bug as she spins and spins and spins!

I like this pose better I think...

I changed monkey to a choir of monkeys sitting on a palm tree, and Hippo in the corner.

This is the detail sketch of the above drawing.

Trying to make it better.  First attempt.

2nd attempt.  This one I like!

Now we see Croc excitedly placing new hat on Hippo.  And Hippo's non-excitment.

Now we see a little memory bubble of Hippo and Mother giving him his hat in his youth, while Hippo sits on his Hippo-Rump and sorrowfully looks at his old hat in the trash.

I liked the last one, the close up of the giraffe.  But Hippo needs to show up too.  I love Hippo's pose here.  ("You don't like my spot?")

Once I finish the rest of the sketches, I'll reinsert text for an updated dummy book!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

YouShouldYouShould: Size Relationships

A friend I recently made, Arthur Nichols who is a renowned comic book and storyboard artist and designer, who has worked on several TV series, videos, and video games, gave me a great suggestion.  He pointed out the inconsistency of size relationships between my characters, and that the hippo ought to be much larger compared to many of the animals.  He said line them up next to each other in a drawing, and stick it on your wall to refer to as you draw.  So here they are!  On my wall!

I drew this up a while ago.  This is the final character design for Hippo!!  Isn't he cute??  He's also up on my wall.

This is what I have for the title page (not the book cover art).  The page on the left with blank space is there for all the important information stuff.  I feel like it starts the story off.

Monday, September 10, 2012

YouShouldYouShould: Changing the Title??? Help

Big Question!

Someone left a helpful feedback comment pointing out the fact that the story begins "You should! You should!" and then suddenly we read "must," and "ought" out of the blue, and that they felt it may be a little inconsistent.  I personally don't think this is a big problem, but it has caused me to wonder if the story could benefit by a change in the title.

So what do you think?  What if this story was titled,

"You Should Must Ought" 

"You Should You Must You Ought"

"Should Must Ought"

"You Should You Should"

By Ginny Tilby      ...I still get a kick out of seeing my name there :)

Thoughts?  Comments?

Friday, September 7, 2012

YouShouldYouShould: Dummy Book

Here's the dummy book! 
(Remember feedback is appreciated, especially in this stage--it's a VERY important stage of the process)

I used Photoshop to edit and clean my sketches a bit (some are pretty scary still) and put them in Adobe Illustrator to insert text.

What?  You don't know what a DUMMY BOOK is?
It's okay, this time you're not the dummy.

A dummy book is a sketched "rough draft" of the book, to check for:
  • interesting page turns,
  • make sure the story flows well and makes sense,
  • consistency with text placement,
  • variety in scenes (up close, far away, lots of characters, few characters)
  • variety in design and compostion, (otherwise the book can get boring)
  • make sure the pictures match the mood


With that....

By Ginny Tilby

(page 1-3 is for title page and all the boring copyright book info, etc.)

page 4 page 5

page 6 page 7

page 8 page 9

page 10 page 11

page 12 page 13

page 14 page 15

page 16 page 17

page 18 page 19

page 20 page 21

page 22 page 23

page 24 page 25

page 26 page 27

page 28 page 29

page 30 page 31

page 32

Let me know what you think about the pictures!
Anything confusing?  (besides the scribbly less finished ones)  Any suggestions?

To those who gave helpful suggestions for the written story... I'm still editing so don't worry if you catch on that some changes still haven't been made.

Follow me by email (top right corner) to watch the documented process of illustrating this children's book.  
I promise to make it fun!