Friday, August 17, 2012

YouShouldYouShould: Thumbnails!

A tiny small sketch used to put ideas down quickly on paper, as well as to figure out quickly the start of placement and design, is called a thumbnail.  So if you hear artists use this term, now you know they're not just strange "unique artists" who are obsessed with weirdo things like the dead ends of their thumb.

So today I spent working out thumbnails!  Some of my old ones were bugging me, and once I put pages next to each other I saw too many similarities in size relationships and camera angles.  Makes for boring reading and dull page turns.  I also hadn't finished the last third thumbnails of the story board so I got those knocked out today as well!  Yay!

As promised, here is my progress work:

(believe me, these ugly little sketches took a lot of time and thought)


 Fun fact:  The last sketch in the layout above is actually for page 24-25, and it's one of the few/many that I'm most excited about!  You probably can't tell what's going on, but I know and trust me, it's gonna be GOOD.

And here's what I had before today in case you forgot:


  1. Thanks for sharing the development of the sketches Ginny. I really like the rhyme of the text, and the rich colors you seems to use a lot will make for an engaging book. Looking forward to seeing it on the bookshelves!

    1. Thanks Roelant! That means a lot. :) I hope you are right!

  2. I love the thumbnails! Great way to get the general idea of the imagery going.

    1. Thanks Lee :) It's a good start. I'm glad I'm finally on it. Thanks for looking and for commenting!!


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