Friday, June 29, 2012

Contract SIGNED

(holy smokes, really?)

With new Publishing House: Familius

You can visit their website and check out their blog at, where you can read daily messages focusing on the family.  
(One of my fav posts: Zombies and Babies)

Now in the editing and illustration process:

Written and BEING Illustrated By Ginny Tilby

Well, here we go!  It's happening.  I signed.  It's official.  ...There's no turning back!

Yes, I'm excited, but excited was a little more yesterday for me.  Today I'm feeling very nervous, inadequate, and afraid of not performing up to par.  So much work in so little time!  Christopher Robbins (that is his real name... I asked) at Familius has so much faith in me, and expects great things!  I know the story is in, but so far I only have simple sketches done for the pictures!

So! While the editors are perfecting my story and text, what's the next step for ME?

Making a dummy book!

What's a dummy book?  Basically a fake book.  Like putting a bunch of papers stapled together with all the pencil sketches and words on them.  It allows you see it in book format, how page-turns will feel, to check for enough variety in the picture designs (color, space, size relationships, camera angles, etc), as well as consistency with words.  At WIFYR Julie Olson taught us how to make one, so that's my next big project.  It includes LOTS of tiny thumbnails sketches before drawing big.  I'll definitely share sketches with you as they happen!

Last bit of info, I wanted to clue you in on Familius's new process.  We're going to start with digital versions of the book that can be read on epads, epubs, kindles, etc... and then based on their success, we'll hopefully move to physically printing the books.  We hope to see prints out in about a year!

Until next update, thanks for being part of this journey with me!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Guess what friends?  I recently submitted children's book I'm working on, "You Should You Should," (written and being illustrated by me) to a publishing house and they've responded with interest in publishing it!!  I'm pretty excited and nervous, and will be posting details about this journey as this process unfolds!  So keep in touch!!

Thanks to all who have supported and believed in me and this long lived dream... I think it's about to happen!

Mule, Unicorn, Psychotherapy Session, Japanese Garden

Thank you facebook friends for the ideas!!!  

There were SO many great ideas to choose from, I was about to resolve to drawing a name from a hat at random... but then I read Tom's.  Little does he know, I picked up a recent interest in Unicorns, rode my first mule about a week ago, have a great fascination with psychotherapy, and Japan is the only other country I've been to.  

There were 5 or 6 other ideas I really loved as well that made the list.  Fleas sailing a sea of hair?  Badger, moose, the moon, jump roping?  A hummingbird and a dragonfly putting on a magic show in a medieval castle!  Wild warthog and goat playing cards in a crazy animal tavern?  Aardvark and crocodile tightrope walking across a laundry line in NYC!  (To list a few of my top favs)

Thanks Tom!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

WIFYR: Writers and Illustrators For Young Readers

This week I've been attending a 5-day extensive insightful inspiring educational work shop about writing and illustrating.  Needless to say, I'm learning a lot.

On the inspirational side, this was today's list of "life lessons learned" from YA novel author A.E. Cannon:

1.  Take risks
2.  Not all (if any) rejection is personal
3.  When chances come to pursue opportunities, TAKE THEM!
4.  Learn to walk in the direction of your own fear
5.  Don't say "no" too quickly
6.  Don't lose sight of who your audience is
7.  Be willing to accept change  (see things as opportunities instead of threats)
8.  Don't be jealous
9.  Getting "published" doesn't make life suddenly magical and grand... find your happiness in ALL life has to offer.
10.  Stay connected to the WRITING (or art) part.
11.  Work to stay positive, even if you have to write a daily affirmation.

*          *          *

This year WIFYR had a new activity in which I heavily involved myself: each group was given a song to rewrite and perform!  My group wasn't too enthused, but I LOVE rewriting lyrics and singing them.    I took the rewriting upon myself, my group loved it, they were awesome and acted out all the parts around the stage, Jared even sang a part with me, and even though the sound system killed our song at the end, it was FUN.  I decided to share them with you.  Note: the names in the song are well known authors, editors, and agents, aka: this year's faculty at WIFYR.

Somebody That I Use To Know
By Gotye

Ginny stands at microphone. All rest sit on chairs behind her posing as faculty, each member is assigned a faculty name to follow actions assigned when name is sung.  They continue in actions until song is over.

Now and then I think of when I went to WIFYR
When I walked in I felt so happy I could die
Told myself that this was right for me
But then I looked up at the faculty
And suddenly I felt a change in the weather

I think they got addicted to a certain kind of madness (facultys start twitching here)
Like reading, writing, editing, always editing
I realized it was too much for them
The transformation started to happen
But I'll admit that I was glad be at WIFYR

Carol Lynch Williams grew seven eyes
Greg and Cynthia they sprouted tentacles from their sides
Trudy Harris magnified
Ann Dee Ellis grew a tale, and she said... RUFF
Tim Wynne-Jones stooped below
And he rose up as a werewolf, and ate Alex Penfold
Trent Reedy disappeared and so

Now you're just some writers that I use to know

Jared posing as John Cusick:
Now and then I think of publishers who looked me over
They want me believing there is always something wrong I've done
But I don't wanna write that way
I hate every single word they say
I'm feeling hot, I'm gonna blow...
I just can't get a hold of it and now WIFYR is gonna know

John Cusick sprouted twenty horns
Then Ruth Katcher and Matt Kirby chewed and chewed up the floors
Julie Olson's skin went cold
Mette Ivie Harrison joined Ann Dee's “Ruff”
A.E. Cannon blew a dragon's blow
Had my friends collect my records then I changed my number
I'm hoping they don't find me, oh
Now they're just some writers that I use to know