Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Caricature For My Cousin

My cute cousin--the only one younger than me on my mom's side--is getting married!  This is caricature my gift to her.  She requested to be in BYU Football gear and holding a football.  She won't see it until her wedding day (June 2nd), unless she gets sneaky enough to look at my blog before then!

Caricatures are fun because you get to pull out specific features that mark the way an individual looks apart from others.  

Her handsome hubby-to-be has a larger forehead, and a face that narrowed down as it moved down to the chin.  His eyes were happy and squinty, and his nose was long.  He has interesting curves at the corners of his smile that were fun to draw as well.  

My cousin is gorgeous.  She has been known in our family for her LARGE pretty brown eyes, and her beautiful toothy smile definitely needed to be shown off, and I felt her nose was shorter than most, yet a bit wider too.

Hope they like it!

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