Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mural Photos!

Exciting!  Last summer I had the opportunity to design, supervise, and participate in painting a mural for the Orem Fire Department, which they use now to teach "Fire Station Field-Tripper Kiddo's" about fire and road safety.  About 40 people helped us paint, and we finished in only two days.  Today I got the photos from Don Seegmiller, UVU's Illustration Advisor, which he shot himself and I'm excited to share a few of them with you!  Eventually I hope to have a time-lapsed video posted.  Many of the fellow painters were friends (and awesome artists) I get to have classes with at UVU, as you will see...  



Nate: (happy yellow man)

Adam: (smiley guy)

Pizza, oreos, gatorade:  (mmm)

Lotsa paint:



Stewart: (with world's cutest firefighter)

Sneaky paint: (and Robyn)

Will Terry: (gansta man on the right...oh and he's a UVU professor)

Lee: (lovely long dark hair... oh, the left one)

Behind this blonde, you can see the color map I made of the mural.  The one Lee is peeking at us by:

Rani: (cute one in da middle)

Painting more:


Everyone:  (1st half)

Everyone: (2nd half)


Lee and Tyler: (on spotlight)

Getting closer to finish....:

And closer:



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PORTFOLIO - Welcome!

Welcome to my brand new professional blog!  
I want to start fresh to feature my portfolio (which will always be found in its separate page as you can see at the top) and the art I make from here on, now that I'm preparing to graduate from the world of studentist, moving on to professional artist.  You're welcome to visit my very old and recent student work at my old blog at "" any time.  But I'll make this my main stomping grounds online from now on.

Hope you visit often!

"You Are What You Eat"
(c) Ginny Tilby 2010
Acrylic on illustration board

(c) Ginny Tilby 2011
Acrylic on illustration board

"Wow, I'm Beautiful"
(c) Ginny Tilby 2011
Acrylic on illustration board

"My Pet Hippopotamus" 
(c) Ginny Tilby 2011
Acrylic on illustration board

"A Ring at the End of His Nose" from Owl and the Pussycat 
(c) Ginny Tilby 2011
Acrylic on illustration board

"Flight of Music" 
(c) Ginny Tilby 2010
Acrylic on canvas

"Just Dance"
 (c) Ginny Tilby 2011
Acrylic on illustration board

"Santa's Elves"
(c) Ginny Tilby 2011
Acrylic on illustration board

"Toad Thief" from Thumbelina
(c) Ginny Tilby 2011
Gouache on illustration board

"Alive at Night"
(c) Ginny Tilby 2011
Graphite and watercolor on illustration board